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7 Ways To Win Your Next Karting Race

2. Don’t lean

Try to avoid leaning your body towards the apex of the corner. Doing so will place more weight over your inside wheels, not what you need. Try to sit square in the seat so your weight is evenly distributed. 

3. Move

Maintain a good speed throughout your race, look at the likes of Hamilton, keep it smooth. Try to use under steer and over steer to your advantage.  

Remember slow in, fast out.Try not to brake too late or too hard, this will only comprise your speed and line through the corner.

4. Hold the line

Ensure you follow the racing line its the surest way of navigating the track. To establish the racing line of a go karting track various things need to be taken into account, such as the approach, the braking point, the turn in point, the high point and exit.  Check out our “Master Racing Lines” blog post for further insight.

5. Steal the lead

Anyone who’s been karting will know the pain of a slow driving blocking your path, preventing you staking that claim for the lead! Check out our “How to overtake like a pro” blog post to ensure you nail overtaking.

Always try to study the driver in front over the course of a few laps. Assess their strengths and weaknesses and take advantage. Once you steal the lead ensure you maintain prime position with our “How to stay in the lead” blog post.

6. One pedal at a time

Avoid simultaneously pressing the brake and accelerator, this can cause slower lap times and spin outs. Maintain a good pace and stick to one at a time.

7. Enjoy yourself

Maybe its a silly one but more often than not if your enjoying yourself you have a better chance of winning. Keep a clear head and have fun.

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