COVID-19 Information For TopGear Karting


  • Although all COVID restrictions have been lifted by the government, we are still keeping some of our own safety measures in place to ensure you have the best experience possible here at TopGear Karting.


  • All sessions must be pre-booked and pre-paid in advance.

  • New customers can now register their driver profile at home before arriving at the track (parents/guardians can register for children): We will email you your racing results & send you special offers, you can even upload a driver profile photo! Click here to register
  • Cleaning procedures have been increased throughout our facility.

  • Anti-bacterial hand wash will be available for use. We recommend customers wash their hands before and after their time on the track.

  • All of our helmets are thoroughly disinfected in a sanitising cabinet designed specifically to sterilize equipment in the most effective method possible.
  • All drivers are required to wear a balaclava when driving. Ensure this is covering your mouth whenever you wear a helmet. You can either bring your own, or you can purchase a brand new balaclava from us for just £3.

  • To increase social distancing, we now have a one door in, one door out system for all customers. This will ensure the entranceway is kept clear and safe for the next group of customers.

  • All overalls will only be used once per day before being sent away to be thoroughly washed and disinfected.

  • Our track is fitted with a top-quality ventilation system to ensure a constant flow of fresh, clean air.

TopGear’s Advice

  • Please put your own safety and the safety of others before anything else. Do not visit our track simply because you feel you may miss out financially/on a fun day out. We are all in the same boat and we will all sadly have to make sacrifices.

  • Anyone with an underlying health problem as outlined above should think long and hard before visiting our track.

  • Anyone that has contact with anyone that falls into the at risk categories listed above should think extensively before coming to TopGear Karting.

  • Anyone exhibiting the symptoms associated with coronavirus (COVID-19) SHOULD NOT ATTEND an event at our venue.

If you have any other queries or concerns, please contact us on 0191 3860999 or email us on

In these uncertain times, we massively appreciate your continued support, and hopefully we can all do our part to get through this.