Go Karting Endurance Race

Our endurance event is a non-stop race for between 4 and 8 teams of up to 6 drivers per team, ideal for team building exercises. 

Each team is responsible for their own kart maintenance with help and supervision from the centre’s expert staff.
The winning team is the one which has managed to complete as many laps as possible in the chosen time limit.
There is also a penalty box, where bad behaved drivers will drive in for a stop and go penalty.

Each team will have 20 minutes of practice lapping before the racing event begins.

All drivers must be over the age of 16.


1 hour + 20 minutes practice £110 per team
1½ hours + 20 minutes practice £135 per team
2 hours + 20 minutes practice £165 per team
2½ hours + 20 minutes practice £195 per team

Track Length:


Average Lap Time:


Average Speed


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